Spencer Pettus Capabilities

Spencer Pettus takes much pride in exceeding all customer expections. Available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for your convenience, we are able to handle any emergency situation that may occur. We all know to well that equipment can fail at the most inconvenient time. Our quick-turnaround is unlike any other manufacturer and we compete at a level that our competition can not touch.

Gearbox Rebuild

Gearbox Rebuilding Capabilities

Our gearbox rebuild facility is an industry leader. Our technicians have been trained extensively by SKF and TImken. We use only the best products and tooling along with very critical processes and procedures to produce quality rebuilds every time. All assembly of gearboxes are done in our state-of-the-art clean room to ensure the integrity of all bearings and components.

  • In-house gear cutting
  • Replacing bearings and seals
  • Repairing input and output shafts
  • Refurbishing housings
  • Offering one-year warranty and emergency service

Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting Capabilities

Spencer Pettus has equipped itself with a robust gear tooling inventory and some of the best talent in the industry.

  • Spur and Helical 1” – 48” DP
  • Bevel Gears 1.5” – 28” DP and up to 36″ PD
  • 1” – 100” OD

Gear Grinding – Size Capabilities up to 47”

AGMA Class 15

CNC Turning

CNC Turning Capabilities

Highly-experienced programmers and high-end equipment consistently deliver on their reputation of being fast and accurate. This carries over into Dallas Machine which features CNC milling technology.

  • Horizontal Maximums:  26” OD x 120” L
  • Vertical Maximums:  32” OD x 12” L
  • 15 CNC Turning Centers onsite

CNC Milling

CNC Milling Capabilities

Some of the best CNC milling technology can be found at Dallas Machine. This team is always willing to take on challenging work.

  • 4th-axis Capabilities
  • Table Sizes up to: 32” x 70”
  • 9 CNC Mills onsite

Manual Machining

Manual Machining Capabilities

Spencer Pettus’s manual machining department is equipped with advanced lathes and mills that allow us to take on turning work from 1”-100” in diameter, increasing the industry standard.


  • Horizontal:  52” OD x 24” L
  • Vertical:  100” OD x 12” L


  • Horizontal:  13’ travel
  • Vertical:  13’ travel



Cultivated to be efficient, the fabrication team is strong and versatile. Our fabricators efficiently produce great products keeping prices competitive and quality expectations high.

Our welders are MIG, TIG and Stick certified

Laser Cutting:

  • Up to 1” mild steel
  • Up to ½” aluminum and SS


  • Up to ¾” mild steel
  • Up to 3” x 3” angle iron
  • Tube Bending up to 5” OD
Laser Cutter

Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing Capabilities

Unprecedented vibration analysis testing accompanies every gearbox rebuild. Four-hour test runs check for temperature and leaks while multiple accelerometers simultaneously check for vibration and gear mesh frequency using FFT Spectrum powered by SKF. Our quality assurance process distinguishes SP Gear from our competitors and ensures the customer is setup for success at installation.